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he argued his case for another four years, telling fellow democrats the problems facing the nation are serious. >> know this, america, our problems can be solved. [ cheering and applause ] >> our challenges can be met. the path we offer may be harder, but it leads to a better place! and i'm asking you to choose that future! i'm asking you to rally around a set of goals for your country. goals in manufacturing, education, national security, and the deficit. real, achievable plans that will lead to new jobs, more opportunity, and rebuild this economy on a stronger foundation. [ cheering and applause ] >> america, i never said this journey would be easy, and i won't promise that now. yes, our path is harder! but it
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leads to a better place. yes, our road is longer! but we travel it together. we don't turn back! we leave no one behind! we draw strength from our victories and learn from our mistakes, but we keep our eyes fixed on that horizon knows that providence is with us and we are surely blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth! thank you! god bless you! god bless these united states ! [ cheering and applause ] >> president took a shot at what he believes is his opponent's inexperience as foreign policy. >> my opponent and his running mate are -- new to foreign policy. [ cheering and applause ] >> but from all that we've seen and heard, they want to take us back to an era of blustering and
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blundering that cost america so dearly. you don't call russia our no. 1 enemy. not al-qaeda, russia, unless you're still stuck in a cold war mind warp. >> many other big names took to the podium. caroline kennedy, scarlett johanson, many others. joe biden said america is in a better place because of the president's decision. he gave a largely positive speech vouching for the president's character and leadership. he took aim at the republican ticket as well. >> our republican opponents are just dead wrong about this, america is not in decline! america is not in decline!
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i've got news for governor romney, and congressman ryan, it's never been a good bet to bet against the american people! [ cheering and applause ] >> never! >> one of the most official moments of this night was when form upper congresswoman gabrielle giffords who was wounded delivered the pledge of aleansance >> gary: and to the public for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, liberty and justice for all. [ cheering and applause ] physical >> she received a standing ovation. you'll see in just a moment as we show the crowd, spectators had tears in their eyes when she finished.
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she continues to help out the democratic former, campaigning for her forme aide who took her seat in congress. you can watch you president obama and vice president obama speak in their entirety in on our website. to the latest developments into the investigation into today's shooting and murder of a california highway patrol officer. kenyon youngstrom was shot along 680. the suspect was shot and killed by another officer. >> reporter: more than 48 hours after a driver fatally shot kenyon youngstrom, questions
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remain as to why he pulled the trigger without warning. to shed light on that, investigators spent the day interviewing lacy's parents. we also know investigators are combing through six computers, server, and thumb drives found at lacy's home. and sources have told kron4 that lacy did suffer from bipolar disorder since he was a senior in college. investigators would not say what if any information they got from the interview of lacy's parents. they've not said anything about the computers found in lacy's home. at this point, all they will say is they'll continue to pursue what motivated christopher lacy to open fire. >> people wishing to pay their respects to officer youngstrom
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started a make shift memorial outside the chp in martinez. >> i have a granddaughter, >> this officer gauv me a ticket about -- gave me a ticket about two weeks ago, and he even apologized. i'm sorry i got to give you this ticket. he was just a really nice guy. when i saw it on the news, it just kind of -- it's just sad. >> the u.s. flag flew at half-staff outside the chp field office today. and we are learning more about the man police say murdered the officer. we spoke with his neighbors. >> i knew it was in the computer programming, i knew
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that he worked from home, i knew that he worked mostly at night. the nights were on all night long. always been nice and kind and gentle. >> lacy's home is 20 minutes away from the nearest city. it's in an isolated area. neighbors say the isolation is that is why lacy chose that spot to live. you can visit our facebook fan page for officer youngstrom and comment there. and stay with kron4 for the continuing coverage of the chp officer who who was murdered. mostly clear conditions this evening. some coastal fog building. we are going to wake up to that coastal fog and patchy clouds in our inland spots.
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but lots of sunshine tomorrow afternoon, and warmer temperatures compared to today. low 80s in the south bay tomorrow, upper 80s through liver more, low 60s through the coast. and mid-70s for san raphael, and 64 degrees for downtown san francisco. >> a father allegedly kidnaps his two children. and people in oakland are fed up with the slow response time of law enforcement. >> later in this broadcast, shaq o'neal says let me play one more time! even if it's mexico. and woods vez mcilroy s vez mcilroy --
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rsus mcilroy --
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residents of the oak moore district in oakland are upset with the police department over what they say is the so response to a brazen daylight robbery last week. a woman was pistol-whipped and her purse stolen. they gathered to ask why it took 20 minutes for officers to respond to a 911 call from neighbors. police explained that reduced staffing is the root cause, but said more can be done by having residents organize neighborhood watch programs. those in attendance they they're frustrated >> gary: there are challenges across oakland in terms of getting the type of response people expect, as well as officers being available to serve and control the neighborhood. residents have to
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really communalicate effectively -- communicate effectively, get telephone if they need to, call meetings so people are aware of who's on their street. >> that crime in the district has prompted many residents to hire private security patrols and install security systems in their homes. a lot more news ahead. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special. dad, we want pizza.
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ing two children dipped in south san francisco. the man who took them got away in a stolen yacht. >> reporter: police said the kidnapper took the kids from south fran and came all the way to this alameda marina right here, and here he stole a yacht and sailed away with the two kids on board. their names, devon and brooklyn mayfee. their father took them away from their mother tuesday afternoon around 3:00 in their south san francisco home. he somehow came to the marina here and got on a
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40-foot yacht named "unleashed." he has said in the past that he would like to sail to the monterey bay and mexico. so police have alerted authorities in the 2 areas to look out for the suspects and the stolen yacht. police say they are very concerned for the safety of those two kids. we're expecting that fog to roll in in the overnight hours, tomorrow morning, we're going to wake up to that coastal fog. warmer and then further warming into your work week. futurecast, showing that temperatures are going to be in the 50s, and by nine time, a mixed bag of 50s along the
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coast. afternoon highs, 80s for the warmer spots. 70s for the bay, and 60s for the coast. in the south bay, mid-80s, 87 degrees through liver more valley. 86 in antioch. 80 degrees expected for martinez tomorrow. 69 in alameda. low 70s through oakland . 76 for fremont. 64 in pacifica. mid-70s through palo alto and redwood city. and in the north bay, 79 degrees for santa rosa. if your seven-day, 80s through the weekend. and mid-60s expected for the coast next
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week. and for those of you that want to get weather and news and traffic all the time, check out comcast 193. nearly three years after the brutal gang rape of a 16-year-old girl on the richmond high school campus, one of the men charged pleaded guilty today. he is charged with one charge of rape and one countof robbery -- count of robbery. he was named as an active participant in the assault which happened during and after a homecoming dance in october of twine. the other men involved are due in court on october the 5th. there were as many as 20 witnesses but no one called 911. this happened this
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afternoon. police found a man shot and unconscious on east 22nd street. this was east oakland's second murder of the day. don nelson talks on the eve of his induction into the basketball hall of fame. and an update on the a's player who went to the hospital .
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the ownership of the cleveland -- owner of the cleveland browns, he became a major figure in the television contracts at the league. he helped start monday night football. in 1996, he couldn't make it financially anymore in cleveland, moved to baltimore, and became a reviled figure. not in the hall of fame because,
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the word is, a lot of people say the way he stole cleveland to move them to baltimore. but with time, should heal some of the memory of modell, and he will ron day reside in canton. brandon jacobs do you feel for the sunday game in green bay. woods and mcilroy. tieingering shoot -- tiger shoots 65 today. and mcilroy, he's at 64. woods at 65. that's going to be some weekend! novak djokovic, the second seed, tweaked his back during his final match with juan
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martin. djokovic came back and won in three straight sets he want advances on. 2-time warrior coach don nelson enters the basketball hall of fame in springfield, massachusetts. he has more wins than anyone in nba history. he talks about owner, jim fitzgerald, who he worked for in milwaukee. >> part of my 30-some years of coaching, over half of them, i worked for jim fitzgerald. and he's one guy who probably wanted me to be in the hall of fame more than anybody i've ever known. [ cheering and applause ] >> that's tomorrow night. shaq o'neal will be in the hall of fame. but he said talking about playing again in
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the mexican league! he works again on tv, and he's pretty good, a good promoter. has comedy specials. he's in talks to play one or two games in the mexican league. pam, looking forward to that. me? stay home, shaq.
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>> kenneth, i'm gonna duck uptown and have lunch with my boyfriend. >> yes, ma'am. is that code for some kind of older gal medical procedure? >> no, kenneth. i really have a boyfriend. look. he's handsome and a doctor. >> a doctor? well don't get too attached. as soon as people realize his tonics don't work, it's on to the next town. >> hey, ken, you know what i have a craving for? >> jerk chicken from that place in mill basin? >> and some? >> catalog photos of expectant mothers in their swimming suits? >> you are my radar o'reilly, ken. now get in here and rub my feet till you hear a chopper coming. >> lemon, how's tracy? what's his mood? >> oh, upbeat and confused. >> perfect. you know his contract is up. >> has it been that long? boy, we sure have done some crazy things

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